Better rest waits for you in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Better rest waits for you in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We will tell you interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina in this article.

Rest has to take the powerful place in life of each person. Tired of daily vanity, we often look for the place where it would be possible though for a while to run away from problems and to feel as the free person. Very many prefer rest in mountains. Clean air, snow tops, mountain skiing – all this the integral attributes of such rest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Today few countries can offer really good rest with high-quality service for small money. Resorts in France and other European countries are very prestigious, however are available not to everyone. Bosnia and Herzegovina – here the real rescue for fans of active pastime. This small country on the Balkan Peninsula has almost completely hidden in mountains. The cozy arrangement, climate, soft for mountains, a set of fine landscapes – in this country is everything to be called the tourist center.

General information

The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, and occupies the territory nearly 52 thousand Population makes 4 million people. Official languages: Bosnian dialect of Serbo-Croatian language, Croatian and Serbian. Currency – convertible mark (BAM). 100 BAM = $55.56. The time zone of UTC+1, local time lags behind from Moscow for 2 hours. Mains voltage is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, types of C, F sockets. Telephone code of the country +387. .ba Internet domain.

Short digression to history

Bosnia and Herzegovina as the state has arisen in the Middle Ages, and has found independence in 1992. In the ancient time these territories have been populated during era of a paleolith, Neolithic and bronze age what monuments of culture and the image in caves testify to. Slavs have come to these lands in the 6-7th centuries, in the period of the Middle Ages the Bosnian Banat, and then Kingdom in structure with Herzegovina was formed. After the Ottoman gain, the state was under the power of Turks. In 1929 the state education Yugoslavia which part Kingdoms of Serbians, Croats and Slovenes and Bosnia and Herzegovina were has been created. During World War II, the country has been occupied by the German troops and included in structure of the fascist Independent state of Croatia. During the liberation army of Yugoslavia in 1945, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been released and included in structure of Yugoslavia as the federal republic, and the state has gained independence in 1992.


The moderate and continental climate predominates on the most part of the territory of the country, but actually because of features of a local relief, a large number of microclimatic zones is observed here. In the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina subtropical Mediterranean climate of which the dry hot summer and warm damp winter is characteristic. In valleys average temperature +16. +27 degrees in the summer, and in mountainous areas +10. +21, in the winter – 0.-7 of degrees, and can fall also to-16 degrees.


In the country bus traffic is well developed. Buses new and modern. Even if you sit down somewhere on the road, to you the steward makes out the coupon, the ticket and the receipt.

Most interesting

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are four ski resorts which in 1984 were even Olympic venues:


  • Yakhorina – ski center with all necessary attributes for skiing. 20 km of routes are equipped for mountain skis. There is the instructor school where provide training for beginners. Very popular European ski resort.
  • Belashnitsa – for mountain skiing the place simply tremendous. There are several special elevators on tops including for children. Near snow elephants several hotels where it is possible to stop are located.
  • Vlashich – is between several large cities. In the center of Vlashich the improving center which is famous to all Bosnia is constructed. Also in his territory many hotels and separate apartments where you can have a rest are located. Four operating elevators, skilled the instructor.
  • Kupres – the resort is available to mountain skiing of 5 months in a year. Besides skis, driving on dogsleds, sledge and snowmobiles is possible.

Thus, it is possible to find the suitable resort. However besides such active recreation, in Bosnia and Herzegovina also cultural rest with survey of local sights is possible. For example, in the capital of the country, the city of Sarajevo, it is possible to examine a set of architectural and historical monuments. The city has been founded in 1263 and has still kept a special charm of antiquity.

Can sometimes seem to the tourist that he has really got to the medieval town with all its color: Turkish market, narrow small streets, ancient constructions, mosques and noisy markets. Before aaWorld War II of Sarajevo it was practically not similar to the modern city, but now there the stormy life already begins to begin to boil. Constructions of new houses and the centers are conducted, the downtown is equipped. However locals don’t want to modernize completely the ancient city and in everything try to keep mystery and mysteriousness of the Middle Ages. Besides Sarajevo, in the country there are a lot more cities which history follows from ancient times.

All charm of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in what along with modern hotels of the highest class and smart apartments is cost by simple old lodges of centuries-old prescription. And it supplements an image of this amazing country, decorates it in various paints.

Any tourist who has visited Bosnia and Herzegovina will remain under impression of this travel for long time. The different types of rest offered here perfectly contrast with each other. Fantastic mountain plains and a charm of medieval structures won’t leave indifferent even the most spoiled traveler.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is possible to choose placement option, optimum for himself from a large number of hotels. In the seaside city of Neum it is possible to reserve hotels 2-4 *, in other cities there is a lot of 3-4 * and a little 5 * hotels. In Bang-Luk the best hotels: Cezar, Palas, Bosna, Atina, Cubic and Talija. In Sarajevo the best hotels: Hollywood, Holiday Inn, Bosnia, Saraj, Park, Grand and Astra. Campings aren’t really widespread.


Traditions of preparation of local dishes developed under the influence of the German, South Slavic, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. The main ingredients used in preparation of the majority of dishes – meat and vegetables. Dairy products are widely used. Salads represent largely chopped vegetables filled with olive or sunflower oil. Infrequently use seafood, generally it is fried fish, fish pies, fish goulash, seafood salads. From drinks black coffee is most widespread, also have tea with herbs, milk and juice.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is possible to get things from sheep wool of high quality. Around the world wine of local production is known, he can be brought home as a souvenir, the best brands – Zhilavka and Gargash. It is also possible to bring with itself local beer of an unusual grade, for example beer on the basis of a yatryshnik with addition of roots of wild orchids. To please themselves and relatives with tasty sweets which are presented in good assortment, remind the Turkish baklava, halvah. From edible gifts, it is possible to bring high quality olives. Also products from a tree of local masters enjoy popularity.

Precautionary measures

If the travel deep into of Bosnia is planned, it is necessary to know that here cleaning is still carried out and many antipersonnel mines are in an active state since local war of the end of the last century. It is better to steer clear of houses which look thrown. In Sarajevo and other large cities very few violent crimes, pocket thefts are possible.

We hope to you article was pleasant. Thanks for attention.

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