Category: Argentina

Argentina is the quintessence of the south. A good half of local realities proudly bears the title of “the most southern”. To begin with, the southernmost railway in the world: the Argentine answer to the bourgeois Orient Express and the harsh domestic Trans-Siberian, the Patagonian broad-gauge railroad built by the way with a continental scope: about 30 years of work and the convenience of the Fiat Concord brand, unprecedented for such far-off edges “With different frills, such as porcelain washbasins and carved chairs, as well as special trailers for transporting cars. Further – the southernmost city on the planet Ushuaia, on the promenade at the harbor which is so pleasant to contemplate the summer apricot sunsets. Finally – the most southern glaciers on the Earth (not counting, of course, the poles), with a constant dry crack slipping from the mountains to the crystal “silver” lakes of Lago Argentino. An additional bonus: Patagonia, known to all of us from childhood, immortalized by Monsieur Verne, is also here. In general, “who is cheerful – he laughs, who wants – he will achieve, who is looking for – he will always find it!”