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Brazil is a distant South American country full of contrasts, man-made attractions and rare natural diversity, which makes it extremely attractive for active tourism. Occupying an impressive area of ​​8,515,767 km², Brazil is rightfully ranked as the first largest country in the South American continent. In fact, this country, located in the eastern and central part of the American continent, occupies a large part of it. Brazil borders almost all South American countries, with the exception of Ecuador and Chile. Demographically, Brazil also occupies a leading position on the American continent, being the largest population of South America. In terms of indicators for 2013, the country’s population is 201 032 714 people. On the global scale, Brazil is the fifth largest country in terms of area and population.

What can be better, than Brazilian carnival 0

What can be better, than Brazilian carnival?

We will tell you interesting facts about Brazil in this article. Capital: Brasilia Language: Portuguese, also Spanish Population: 170 million persons. Religion: Catholicism Currency: real = 100 centavos Brazil is known around the world...