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Germany is a country of contrasts! In this country, the beauty of landscapes that span tens of hundreds of kilometers and a strong, developed infrastructure can easily be combined. Germany is a country with a rich, rich history, which until today has not yet been fully explored. Every day, scientists open up new facts about the past of this majestic country. Germany is a country of interesting and incarnating ideas. Central to the country is given to education and science, research and development. Germany is a country in which culture is getting higher and higher every year. Goethe, Schiller, Thomas Mann, Bach, Wagner, Beethoven are just a small part of those wonderful and world-famous people who initiated the development of the culture of the whole world. Germany can rightly be called a place on earth, where great people are born. Traditionally, culture always plays a big role here and is very diverse. Germany is a modern, modernized country with a sociable character and a high quality of life, for which multinational diversity is largely characteristic.
Germany is a mass of life styles and opportunities for cultural leisure. German cuisine is distinguished by regional diversity.

Germany - The best quality in the world 0

Germany – The best quality in the world!

We will tell you interesting facts about Germany in this article. Capital: Berlin Population: 82 million persons. Language: German Religion: Catholicism Currency: Euro In Germany continually you are waited by acquaintance to history and...