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Greece – a country of amazing beauty, where a bright sun warms the inhabitants almost all year round. The azure sea, golden beaches, white houses, the aroma of strong coffee and coniferous plants – the unique atmosphere of Greece has an unforgettable and amazing rest.
The capital of the state: Athens. It is considered to be the commercial and financial center of the country. The population of the capital, taking into account the suburbs, is 3.2 million people.
Geography: the country is located on the Balkan Peninsula and on the islands that adjoin it and to Asia Minor. It borders with Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania. 1/5 of the country are islands, of which there are about 2 thousand. The length of the coastline is 4100 km. Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, incl. Aegean and Ionian seas. The island of Crete is washed on the south side by the Libyan Sea.
Official language: the state language is Greek, on which practically the entire population speaks.
Time: 1 hour behind Moscow time. (GMT +2).
Currency: Euro (€ EUR).
Religion: the main religion is Orthodox Christianity. As for the remaining religions: Muslims in Greece about 230,000, Catholics – about 58,000, Protestants – 40,000, Jews – 5,000.
Climate: moderate Mediterranean. Due to this, the winter here is mild and accompanied by high humidity. In summer, on the contrary, the scorching sun heats the air to a mark of 28-32 degrees.
Population: 11 million people. The Greeks make up the bulk of the population. The Muslims of Thrace are officially recognized, which include Turks, Roma Muslims and Bulgarian-speaking Muslims.

Greece - mythological country 0

Greece – mythological country.

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