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Greenland (in the language of the local Kalaallit Nunaat) is the largest island in the world (the Greenland area is about 2 million sq. Km.), Almost completely submerged under the ice. The island of Greenland is the second on the planet ice sheet after Antarctica. A suitable territory for local residents is only the coastal strip of Greenland, which is about 19% of the total area of ​​the island. However, despite the harsh conditions for life, this place is mesmerizing with the contrast of its nature, which undoubtedly attracts tourists.
From the air, the island appears to be an absolutely uninhabited and lifeless ice shield. But once you get to the ground, how Greenland will appear in a completely different guise. Before you will discover all that diversity, all that mystery of these places. The coastal areas, covered with green meadows, groves, flowers of all shades from purple rockstones to yellow poppies, and at the same time the Greenland glaciers that come to replace them, stretching all over the central part of the island, are truly a spectacular sight, before which no traveler can stand .

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Attractions of Greenland

Attractions of Greenland Greenland is known for its year-round landscapes with snow-capped peaks, green forests, steep coastal cliffs, ancient blue bays with icebergs and lots of other interesting places. The 10 most intriguing attractions...

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Greenland – Island of Vikings.

Greenland — the largest island on Earth, belongs to Denmark and Greenland enters her autonomous unit. Features The Greenland settlements don’t differ in populousness, and their inhabitants who have chosen to themselves such occupation...