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Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – a special administrative region of China. Located on the Kowloon Peninsula, from the west, south and east by the South China Sea, as well as on more than 260 islands. In the north, Hong Kong borders on the special economic zone of Shenzhen in the Chinese province of Guangdong. Hong Kong is divided into three parts: Hong Kong Island itself, Kowloon and New Territories. Hong Kong is part of the Pearl River Delta region, located on the left bank of its mouth.
During the 1990s, Hong Kong’s population began to grow rapidly and by 2006 reached 6.99 million people.
For a tourist, Hong Kong is a unique place, since nowhere in the world does the East meet the West with such enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Modern architecture coexists with ancient temples, skyscrapers are a one minute drive from rural hills dotted with monasteries and fishing villages, and international shops and Chinese antiques shops compete with each other in the same building.
The development of Hong Kong began in the mid 1800’s, when the British captured the island at the end of the Opium Wars. Then Hong Kong was a barren piece of land, and the British were determined, over the next 50 years, to expand their claims. The culmination of their efforts was the signing of a 99-year lease agreement that legitimized British sovereignty over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.
In subsequent years, Hong Kong remained a sleepy port city. After the Chinese revolution of 1911, and later the Japanese invasion in 1937, crowds of Chinese filled the city, which gave rise to population growth. The communist revolution of 1949 also contributed to the influx of Chinese into Hong Kong. When China reduced its contacts with the West, Hong Kong became the main window to China and displaced Shanghai from the position of the most important economic center of Asia. Since then, Hong Kong is developing at an incredible rate.

Hong Kong - fragrant harbor 0

Hong Kong – fragrant harbor.

We will tell you interesting facts about Hong Kong in this article. Hong Kong – the modern pulsing city, a striking example of an Asian economic miracle of the XX century. Hong Kong is...