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Hungary, surprising and mysterious. This country is like a historical book, with a deep immersion, where the two thousand-year-old monuments of the Roman Empire coexist with the structures of the times of the Turkish yoke, the Roman temples in Yak, Lebensenmiklos and Pannonhalme and the proudly impregnable medieval fortresses in Eger, Shumeg and Shiklos. In total there are about 800 castles, palaces and fortresses in Hungary. Hungary is rich in sights and stunning architectural ensembles of different eras and styles. The pearl of Hungary is Lake Balaton, which is famous for its warm waters and landscapes of amazing beauty.
Hungary is a developed industrial country that can offer excellent rest, fascinating excursions, excellent treatment. And everything in the complex gives a wonderful opportunity to spend time with interest and interest
Territory: 93,030 square meters. km.
Capital: Budapest
Hungary borders on seven countries: Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. Hungary is mostly a flat country. Chains of mountain ranges border its borders: in the west – spurs of the Alps, from the north and east – massifs of the Carpathians. In the west are the low mountains of Mieszek and Bakony, as well as the largest lake in Central Europe – Lake Balaton. From the north to the south, the Danube River flows. It has no access to the sea.
The highest point is Kekesh in the north of the republic (1015 m).
The largest cities are Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Pec, Gyor, Kecskemet, Szekesfehervar
The form of government is a parliamentary republic.
The head of state is the president, he is elected by the National Assembly for 5 years.
The population is 10.4 million people. Hungarians (Magyars) – 89.9%, Roma – 4%, Germans – 2.6%, Slovaks – 0.8%, Serbs, Croats, Romanians, Germans, etc. 63% of the inhabitants live in cities.
Language: Hungarian

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Useful information about Hungary

We will tell you interesting facts about Hungary in this article. Capital: Budapest Population: 10 million persons. Language: Hungarian Religion: Catholicism Currency: forint Hungary – the country which can be proud of one of...