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Venezuela is a state in the north of South America, washed by the Caribbean Sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s terrain is very diverse – high mountains (related to the Andes) in the north-west, vast plains in the center of the country, Guiana’s plateau in the east. Almost the entire country is irrigated by the Orinoco River and its numerous tributaries: Apure, Arauca, Capanoparo, Caur, Paraguay, and Karani. Also in Venezuela, on the Churun ​​River, is the highest waterfall in the world – Angel, 979 m.
The largest lake – Maracaibo, is also the largest in South America and one of the oldest in the world, connects to the sea through a canal that has been deepened for the passage of ocean vessels. In the basin of the lake there are rich oil deposits, and on its shores live almost a quarter of the country’s population.
The name Venezuela came from “Little Venice” – so it was called European travelers, who were surprised by the houses of the Indians on Lake Maracaibo, standing on piles and something like a famous Italian city.
Venezuela was discovered by Columbus in 1498 and until the beginning of the XIX century was under the rule of the Spaniards except for 1528 – 1556, when the rights to colonize these lands were sold to German businessmen (in three decades this “transaction” was canceled). July 5, 1811 Venezuela, as a result of the struggle led by the national hero Simon Bolivar, gained independence from Spain. For about a decade, liberation wars were fought in this region, the Spaniards returned for a short time, borders of states were reshaped, but by 1830 Venezuela, having separated from Great Colombia, had formed in its current borders.


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