Cities of Venezuela

Cities of Venezuela

To know the pulse of Venezuelan people, you need to know about the different cities of Venezuela. Each city of Venezuela is characterized by its own distinctive features and unique appeal. So, here’s providing you with some facts on the different cities of Venezuela as


Regarded as one of the largest cities of Venezuela, it has an estimated population of 2,225,000 citizens. Maracaibo was founded in 1529 and is popular for its rich oil deposits. Within a short span of time, Maracaibo has become a bustling metropolitan city with a cosmopolitan culture intermingling in every aspect of its daily life


It is the capital city of Carabobo State and is the hub of varied economic activities as it is home to some of the best and biggest manufacturing houses of Venezuela. If you’re an art lover, this city holds the prime distinction of being home to world class art galleries, museums and theatres where popular artworks are stored.


Located at an altitude of 500 kilometers, it is the capital of Monagas and shares a population of 450,000. Historical evidences indicate that the city was founded on 7 th December 1760 by Franciscan missionary Lucas de Zaragoza. Due its well connectivity, the city has invariably become one of the most important business centers of the country in the last few years.


Founded by the Europeans in 1515, it’s widely recognized for its unique old architectural landmarks. It is the capital city of Sucre state and has population of 305,000. Though in history this old city has suffered from many foreign invasions and attacks, yet it has still maintained its old charm over the decades which make it more popular.


Due to its wild colonial styled buildings and varied tourist attractions, this city attracts the highest number of foreign tourists from different parts of world. It was founded on 1671 and thereafter has gone through various phases of historic invasions by foreign rulers. The recent marvelous establishment of buildings and complexes in the city offers the tourists a taste of modern Venezuela.

Thus, these cities of Venezuela form the very heartbeat of the country.

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