Do you like tango or soccer? Welcome to Argentina!

Do you like tango or soccer Welcome to Argentina!

We will tell you interesting facts about Argentina in this article.

Argentina is located in the southeast of the southern American continent, also occupying a part of islands Tierra Del Fuego, Estados and some more land areas scattered on coastal open spaces of Quiet and Atlantic oceans. This country is extremely many-sided and various, beginning with unearthly beauty of the majestic Andes and finishing with the unique historical and cultural heritage which has remained in many cities and provinces, reached our days through time. To get acquainted with the Argentinean girl


Today, Argentina is among the most developed countries of South America, with rather high average values of life expectancy and the multinational population. The most part of manufacturing enterprises of the light and heavy industry are concentrated in the capital region, near Buenos Aires, and agricultural grounds prevail in provincial areas. The geography of the country is extremely extensive, as well as her climatic features. The natural landscapes of Argentina abounding with tropical and coniferous forests, deserts, the rivers and lakes strike with the variety too, being one of her main advantages. The fauna presented the most rare animals, birds, mammals, reptiles is extremely saturated

Besides, the country is widely known for magnificent wines, carnivals, dances and the special relation of its inhabitants to holidays. The huge role in life of almost each Argentinean is played by soccer, and stadiums are hammered chock-full and emotions sometimes there burst forth, being periodically splashed out out of limits of sports constructions. The ethnic structure is formed of natives practically from all continents, including representatives of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The main religion is the Christianity. In culture, traditions and architectural structures, the Spanish heritage is clearly traced.

General information

The territory of Argentina is quite considerable and occupies the space over 2,7 million that is the 8th indicator in the world, Argentina is the country of South America, the second for the area. Population about 43 million people. As the main language Spanish is used. National currency – Argentina peso (ARS). Mains voltage is 220 V. Telephone code of the country +54.

Short digression to history

During a pre-Columbian era of the earth of Argentina inhabited numerous Indian tribes, and after opening of the continent by Christopher Columbus, Spanish have located here. The country was named by Spaniards in the 16th century who called this territory “Silver”. On February 2, 1535 the conquistador Pedro de Mendoza, has founded the city of Buenos Aires which subsequently has become capital on river banks La Plata, and after a while Spaniards from his group have designated the settlement of Asuncion on the map of the world. Gradually colonialists covered the increasing territories, expanding the possession, periodically confirming the rights for them in a dispute with other powerful European powers.

Almost all the 19th century was marked for the country by revolutionary movements, opposition of the authorities with Indians and changes of the government. Argentina has found independence of Spain in the summer of 1816. Almost all the 19th century was marked for the country by revolutionary movements, opposition of the authorities with Indians and changes of the government. Argentina has found independence of Spain in the summer of 1816. The XX century has also been saddened by the numerous military coups, as a result, which have caused economic problems and political instability. The end of the 90th, together with abundance of new reforms, has led the country to an economic default and mass growth of unemployment. Consequences of that crisis affect economy of Argentina to this day, however in recent years the average level of life after all has considerably grown.


The country is in 3 climatic zones at once and weather conditions considerably differ depending on a geographical location of this or that region. For example, the cool summer beginning in Argentina in December is characteristic of the South. Average air temperature makes here about +15 degrees while in a northern part – the tropical Gran Chaco area, stem of thermometer can far read off scale for +40 degrees. The winter, especially in resort areas, a little in what differs from summer, but natural cataclysms, in the form of rains and hurricanes are characteristic of this temporary interval. In mountainous areas whose tops are covered with snow, the temperature difference is much more essential, as well as an annual amount of precipitation. It is possible to come to the country at all seasons of the year, but before a trip it is necessary to get acquainted with climatic features of that area where the travel is planned.


he geography of Argentina is rich and various. In the north of the country sun roast, and ices of Antarctic in the south. In the West snow tops of the Andes rise, and boundless steppe open spaces of Pampas in the east were stretched. Any tourist will find in this country rest on the taste – from beach complexes to ski resorts. Also country flora – from rainforests in the north to semi-deserts in the south is various.


It is the within the country most convenient to move by planes as long distances, and many large cities have own airports. Also, the system of long-distance railway and bus traffic is adjusted. However, this direction is developed not everywhere and often there are defects to the schedule. In the cities the most widespread type of transport are the buses and a taxi often equipped with counters.

The most interesting

Buenos Aires – the most beautiful city of South America. Here and in the nearby cities  lives nearly a half of the population of all country, it is huge port and the main industrial center with spacious areas (Plyasa-de-Mazho – the largest shopping center in the world,   and the Plyasa-de-lya of la – the city square) , wide prospectuses, huge number of buildings, fountains, monuments. In the city the skyscraper, the first on the continent and the first subway have been constructed. Certain quarters of the city keep traditions of that country from where there have arrived immigrants in the shape. Argentina – the country of immigrants in fact: the population was created as a result of mass resettlement of people from Europe. In the capital it is worth looking at a cathedral of the Metropolythane, “The pink house” (the palace of presidents of the Casa Rosada), Plyasa-del-Kongresso Square with the most beautiful fountain, to estimate a general architecture of the Congress, the center of opera and ballet art of South America – the most popular theater Colon, the oldest church in the city – San Ignacio. Buenos Aires – very green city, but plantings as if from all directions squeezed by reinforced concrete and glass skyscrapers, are tremblingly protected by local natives. In the city there are more than hundred museums, but surely recommend to visit the Center of the museums.

Tourists should visit also La-Costanier Embankment, Rekolet and La-Tchacarit’s aristocratic old cemeteries (striking with beauty and uniqueness of registration of gravestones), in the entertaining area of cafe and restaurants, bars and offices, to visit Cervantes’s Theatre, the Zoo in a quarter of Palermo, emerald from greens, the Japanese garden and the Ecological reserve, large market of Puerto-de-Frutos with a various delicacy. Avenida Nueve – Julio – the street well-known around the world (for the width) which should be seen too and also to buy a gift in stylish boutiques of the prospects of Santa Fe, to visit a bullfight near Matadores.

For tourists who don’t like vanity of the megalopolis it is recommended to hide to the resort quiet town the Tiger located in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires on the river bank Parana, to visit Pinamar or Miramar, to stop in the best-known sea resort of the continent – Mar-del-Plyata with his 47 kilometers of beaches and the Center of sports fishery.

At tourists, especially in November, San Antonio’s city – Areko uses unusual popularity. In his vicinities there is a set of traditional ranches, the farms which have kept the style XIX of century and annually holding Festival of the gaucho of Dia-de-la-Tradisyon. In the city of Lukhan within a year there are about four million pilgrims visiting a basilica of La-Virgen-de-Lukhan.

In areas which adjoin to Paraguay  lives in the basic the Indian population, but also the climate doesn’t indulge here as it is the dried most up part of the country. In Wanda it is worth visiting the mine in which extract gemstones, and in Auber’s city – “The park of emigrants”.

The national park the Iguazu Falls which was located on 55 thousand hectares of the earth is a wonder of the world, with cascades of 275 falls (among them the largest falls of this continent – Iguazu), with thousands of species of exotic butterflies and birds, unique vegetation and proceeding in the territory of Brazil.

In the west of the country there is a smooth increase in Pampas to the Andes which creates picturesque landscapes of rocks, canyons, cactuses, peaks with the unusual variety of color and forms of a relief which has fusilladed remains of plants and animals.

A little to the north surely we recommend to visit the city of Salta with a sight main, known for all – Virgin Mary and Jesus statue, and also known for all the wonder-working statues. This city is well-known also for the churches, pedestrian La-Florida Avenue, the comfortable train which goes on Saturdays and connects among themselves forgotten settlements, rising highly to mountains by height of 4000 meters. This territory is well-known also for landing of the huge cactuses “cordon” forming a peculiar wood.

The second large city after the capital, – Cordoba. It is edge of the splendid landscapes and severe climate. Except the city delights peculiar to the large tourist centers, the most ideal conditions for many winter sports and mountaineering are created here.

The South of Argentina – the most picturesque place on the planet, just paradise with primitive landscapes of thickets among which the resort San Carlos – Bariloche with variety of conditions for active recreation was located. Bariloche’s vicinities the beautiful vacation spot – here affects the whole network with a dense density of winter resorts and rest houses of various types and conditions taste.

The most southern part of the country – Patagonia, wild and desert “meseta” – the plain with severe climate, scanty rainfall, with heathlands and steppes. Contrast between the mountain plains which are generously watered by rains and dry plains of Patagonia has helped to be created to unique natural complexes, tourists, interesting to eyes.

Small town El-Calafata with Lake Argentino – the beginning of travel to massifs of blue glaciers of Perito Moreno. The fairy tale for fans of fishing – the town of Rio Gallegos, the gulf of unusual beauty – Golfo-Nuevo and the city on its coast Puerto-Madrin, the Fitzroy park (protected by UNESCO), National park of Pasito-Frantsisko-Moreno, Valdes Peninsula – the place beautiful in every respect for observation of inhabitants of sea fauna. An unimaginable show – the coast near Puerto Deseado, huge mysterious figures from a stone in Monumento-Natural-Boskes-Petrifikados, the most beautiful rocks to the mouth of the river Rio-Deseado, and also a large number of farms – the whole complex – Estansiyas, which provides the whole range of opportunities for rest for every taste – from walks astride horses on vicinities and fishing, before tasting of local cuisine.

Possession of Argentina on Tierra Del Fuego are limited to her half. This edge is well-known for oil fields, herds of sheep, glaciers, fishery. The sun here the infrequent guest, but even when it pleases with the presence, practically doesn’t heat this severe territory. Ushuaia the most southern capital on the planet from all capitals, strikes with the lifeless landscapes impression. Travelers go to glacier Martial from this place.

Argentina undoubtedly treats those countries which impress with the scales and beauty, endowing with the mass of positive emotions millions of tourists. Despite quite considerable distance from Europe, this country has got popularity at fans of travel of the Old World long ago and annually uses their attention. Find your love in Argentina!


In Buenos Aires and other part of the country a wide range of placement, from dormitories to boutique hotels, modern 5 stars hotels and magnificent palaces to services of travelers. Outside the cities it is possible to stop in fantastic agricultural areas, especially in the place near the lake in Patagonia.


As the main attributes of the Argentina cookery serve meat and wine. On the coast of Atlantic, most restaurants offer the guests refined seafood and vegetables. Pies from empanadas thin crust, local drink “mat”, and also the Spanish, French and Italian wines enjoy huge love in Argentina. In general, the menu of culinary institutions in this part of South America is extremely various and can surprise even the most skilled gourmets. It is accepted to have supper at Argentineans after 9 o’clock in the evening therefore at this particular time days the raised agiotage is observed.


Unlike most the Latin American states, Argentina is famous for qualitative and inexpensive goods. Among the numerous purchases made by tourists’ –  knives, silver mouthpieces, mate drink with the accompanying set, fur coats, products from a sheepskin, articles of clothing from hair of a vicuna, the Argentina wines, musical instruments and craft products are popular. The prices which everywhere are very accepted especially in the city of Ushuaya – the free trade zone.

Precautionary measures

The highest danger for life is posed by roads, dozens of pedestrians in Argentina daily perish. It is necessary to be careful. Some private quarters of Buenos Aires can be dangerous, it is also worth avoiding demonstrations which are often carried out on streets of the capital. It is necessary to watch things all the time and not to leave unguarded.

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