Feel majesty of Great Britain!

Feel majesty of Great Britain!

We will tell you interesting facts about Great Britain in this article.

Great Britain is the island state in the western part of Europe. Possessing the status of the United Kingdom, it consists of 4 provinces: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Coast of Great Britain are washed by waters of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and from the neighboring France it is separated by English Channel. The territory abounds with the numerous island archipelagoes and tiny land areas scattered on water space around the main regions and areas. It is possible to get acquainted with the British


Each province which is a part of Great Britain has own administrative and geographical division, and also takes a certain place on the political map of the world. Today the United Kingdom is famous for the rich cultural and historical heritage, architectural masterpieces and literature, outstanding achievements in science and technology, and also in sport, music, the fine arts and other fields of activity. Level of economic development here one of the highest on the planet, and armed forces of Great Britain have reputation nearly of the most technologically advanced and perfect armies in the world. More than 70% of locals adhere to Christian religious views while the ethnic structure is extremely various and though overwhelming number of people have white skin color, in the kingdom the impressive number of British is presented by natives of Asia and Africa that it is connected with historical features of these lands.

Huge impact on perception of Great Britain in the modern world was exerted by many outstanding persons. Among them such great poets and writers as legendary William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, the British artists William Turner and William Blake, the famous band of Beatles, and also a number of the most great athletes of the present, including the football player David Beckham, the tennis player Jamie Marrey and a mototrialist of the Arch of Lampkin. The British media are considered as the most authoritative in Europe today, and the regular sports competitions and political conferences which are held in the territory of the United Kingdom steadily draw attention of all world community.

General information

The territory of Great Britain occupies a little more than 243 thousand sq.km, and population makes about 63 million people. The main language in all parts of the state is English. As single national currency the pound sterling (GBP) acts. 100 GBP = $122.11. Local time lags behind from Moscow for 1 hour in the summer and on the 2nd in the winter. Time zone of UTC+1 in the summer and UTC+0 in the winter. Mains voltage is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, type of sockets G. Telephone code of the country +44. .uk Internet domain.

Short digression to history

At the time of a prehistoric era, the earth of the present United Kingdom inhabited the Celtic tribes – Britons, and after the termination of the Roman gain, the German Anglo-Saxon immigrants have intruded here. Subsequently the territory has been integrated in the X century, having formed itself the kingdom England. Northwest Britain where Picts and gelets adjoined, has received the status of the Scottish kingdom in the 9th century, and in 1707 has been annexed to England owing to what mighty Great Britain which part also Wales, and a bit later Ireland was was born. Eventually, the British influence in the world got stronger, and the essential growth of economy in many respects caused by the considerable income from oil in regions of the North Sea allowed the power to progress promptly, every year increasing the potential. Today in Great Britain constitutional monarchy prospers, and the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.


In the United Kingdom the temperate oceanic climate which Atlantic significantly influences predominates. Plentiful rains are characteristic of all regions, however east area is considered drier, unlike the West. Air temperature seldom falls to winter season lower than-10 degrees, at the same time snowfalls are frequent though snow cover keeps usually not for long. Summer often not hot in spite of the fact that sometimes stem of thermometer rises to +30 degrees. It is the best of all to visit the British lands in this time span when the number of sunny days is most high, and natural landscapes abound with bright paints.


In general the road network of Great Britain consists of 3,5 thousand kilometers of the main roads and the highway. The main vehicles – buses and cars. The last in the territory of the kingdom more than 34 million are registered. Roads differ on magnificent quality, and consider system of service of public transport exemplary here.

Most interesting

The most part of the United Kingdom is occupied by England, and her capital, London having besides the capital status in all Great Britain and standing on river banks Thames, represents real a well from the unique monuments and sights which long ago are property of all Europe. The territory of England abounds with hills and mountain heights, and her most picturesque region the massif Skofel-Payk who is carrying out a role of a popular tourist object is considered.

The second-large historical province of Great Britain is Scotland including more than eight hundred islands. It is one of the most severe climatic regions of the United Kingdom created generally from majestic mountains and rocky gorges. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, together with colourful Glasgow, are located in her flat part and here with concentration the greatest number of the population of this province.

Wales, in total, occupies slightly more than 20 thousand sq.km of the territory of Great Britain, and his leading industrial zones, together with capital Cardiff and other main towns, including Swansea and Newport, are in the south of the country along the coast. Wales, first of all, is attractive by the natural landscapes, and also abundance of the medieval castles symbolizing greatness long ago of the left eras.

The smallest territory of the island kingdom belongs to Northern Ireland which is placed on the island of Ireland and occupying a little more than 13 thousand sq.km. In her central region the largest lake of Great Britain – Lough Neagh spreads, and the role of the capital carries out the city of Belfast known for that in his port in 1911 legendary Titanic has been floated.

Marvelous island landscapes with their severe northern shape for hundreds of years continue to admire judges of natural beauty, and the high standard of living in the countries of the United Kingdom causes admiration of people in many points of the planet.


Culinary dishes of Great Britain are extremely various and picturesque. Among the most popular subfrying from corned beef, mutton on a stone with potatoes, a saute from chicken with zucchini and garlic, fillet of a solnechnik, royal a smoked salmon salad, beef in cider in English are registered. From desserts the English Christmas pudding and apple pie are widely known confiture from oranges. All these dishes have the unique shade and differently prepare in all British areas and regions. The choice of drinks is traditionally big. The huge number of pubs, restaurants and taverns, allows inhabitants and guests of the kingdom to teach a maximum of pleasure from a meal and to enjoy unusual taste of local kitchen.


Possibilities for purchases and satisfaction of various preferences in clothes, footwear, a jewelry, cosmetics and the other directions, are very extensive too, especially in such large cities as London, Manchester, Brighton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast. Elite shopping centers, boutiques and salons, and also the markets and souvenir shops, offer the visitors the mass of the various goods capable to satisfy flavoring ambitions of the most experienced shopaholics.

Precautionary measures

In general Great Britain is the safe place for visit, but a number of security measures, it is worth accepting. Late at night it is possible to meet quite often on streets noisy groups of young people, but problems will hardly arise if not to provoke them. Alcohol intake in public places, except for bars and restaurants isn’t allowed. It is worth watching things in brisk tourist places where pickpockets are active more often.

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