Germany – The best quality in the world!

Germany - The best quality in the world

We will tell you interesting facts about Germany in this article.

  • Capital: Berlin
  • Population: 82 million persons.
  • Language: German
  • Religion: Catholicism
  • Currency: Euro

In Germany continually you are waited by acquaintance to history and culture thanks to tourist sights and monuments of centuries-old culture. Germany is the country in which the tourist season lasts all the year round that at all is unsurprising as this state by right is considered the most beautiful in the territory of Central Europe.

Unforgettable impressions of rest in Germany for a long time will lodge in soul. Having visited this country once, you surely want to return here again. Fine locks, the ancient remained palaces, surprising churches and well-groomed narrow small streets – all this reminds here of the past whereas the present of Germany isn’t less interesting too and it is fascinating. The cultural centers of the country are, first of all, the large cities of Germany which are hospitably opening doors of the magnificent opera theaters, magnificent concert halls and the numerous museums.


Germany is the largest country in Central Europe, borders on Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. Germany consist of 16 regions, each of which differs in unique lines of culture. Germany is one of the most influential states in Europe, and one of the most powerful economic powers of the world. Known around the world for the accuracy and reliability in mechanical engineering, Germany is also famous for hi-tech production, and also a charm and a cosiness of old times, and hospitality. Having visited one of regions of Germany, she by all means will surprise in another with local color.

General information

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe in the territory of 357 thousand Population makes nearly 82 million people. A state language – German. Monetary unit is euro (EUR). 100 EUR = $108.76. Time of Germany lags behind from Moscow for 1 hour in the summer and for 2 hours in the winter. Time zone of UTC+2 in the summer and UTC+1 in the winter. Mains voltage is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, types of C, F sockets. Telephone code of the country +49. .de Internet domain.

Short digression to history

In ancient times the territory of modern Germany was the place of migration of the most ancient people. Throughout the history Germany repeatedly changed the borders and endured the dissociation periods. Date of foundation of the state of Germany 962 years – date of a crowning of the king of Germany Otton I in Rome when these lands were in possession of the Roman Empire are considered on February 2. In Germany the Reformation has arisen that was an incitement to Peasant war of 1524-1527 between several principalities of Germany at once. After the end of existence of the Sacred Roman Empire the Rhine union headed by the Federal President has been created. In 1814 on the Vienna congress it has been decided to create the German union at the head of which there was Austria, to replace which in 1868 the North German union with the king of Prussia at the head who became a president has come. It was the uniform state which united more than ten North German states, Prussia also here entered. Then the North German Union has been renamed into the German empire which united 22 monarchy, the State of Alsace-Lorraine and 3 free cities. The king of Prussia headed this state according to the constitution. World War I in 1914 which Germany has entered has led to huge losses. In 1933 Hitler has come to the power, regime of Nazis (The third Reich) and World War II which lasted 4 years from this point begins, and has ended on May 8, 1945. By this time Germany has been crushed and has lost the reputation of the highly cultured intellectual state which has been divided into four sectors. After falling of the Iron Curtain in 1990 there was a peaceful association Germany and GDR to the uniform state of Germany.


Germany is in the temperate climatic zone, nevertheless, weather often has changeable character though the extreme natural phenomena happen seldom. Winters are usually not cold, temperature keeps in about 0 degrees, isn’t hot in the summer, temperature about +20 degrees. Germany can be visited all the year round, it is worth taking an umbrella, rains sometimes drizzle.


In Germany a main type of transport between the cities of the country is the train, some railroads are adapted for the movement Intercity-Express (ICE) – it is high-speed trains. The network of highways of the country is perfectly developed, on some autobahns speed isn’t limited therefore in certain cases it is worth renting the car. For lease of the car it is enough to show the credit card and the driver’s license of the international sample.

Most interesting

The capital of Germany – Berlin is famous for the rich and highly topical cultural program that is only costed by visit of his numerous well-known museums among which there is a wish to note the following: The museum island with the Pergamum museum located in his territory, New national gallery, rich Art gallery in Dalem and the Egyptian museum.

Visit also a cradle of the German tribes – the river Rein, the majority of the cities on which, have been founded at the time of Romans. Today the given region differs in the cultural and art heritage, richest in the country. Go to an excursion to Cologne well-known for the cathedral and extraordinary rich museums at which treasures of 2000-year German history are exhibited. Don’t forget also about Bonn in which there is a house where the musician Ludwig van Beethoven was born. And here the city of Aachen will interest admirers of history, this city was a capital hail of the governor Charles the Great. In the territory of this city there is a cathedral constructed 1200 years ago.

In the north of the country surely see Kiel with its so-called “Kiel week” the fascinating sailing competitions which are taking place in June or July. Don’t deprive of the attention and Hamburg with his world-famous port, the gray-headed Hanseatic cities of Lubeck, Wismar, Stralsund (here you are expected by unforgettable acquaintance to a brick gothic style). Constructions of the Weser Renaissance in the city of Hameln, cathedrals in the towns of Osnabryuk and Braunschweig, Hildesheim and Magdeburg absolutely in a new way will open the past of this country.

The special charm and shine which overshadows Saxony and even Branderburg has fanned the city of Dresden well-known for the precious historical monuments and sights. And by all means it is worth visiting well-known Zemper’s Opera and Gallery of old masters. And here in Leipzig a set of sights remind of the great Goethe studying here. Meysen is known, first, the historical quarters, secondly, for an arforovy manufactory. Don’t forget also about Potsdam which is the former residence of Prussian kings. Here you are expected by a surprising travel on palaces and constructions in baroque, and also classical style, and, of course, walk on the shady park of San Sushi.

The midland of Germany assumes visit of such cities as Frankfurt am Main (here, in an environment of modern imposing skyscrapers, the house in which Goethe was born is located). Surely visit also an old imperial cathedral.

And in the southwest of the country Heidelberg and Stuttgart with a set of the museums, Lyudvigsburg with his magnificent palace residence, Freiburg, and also Ulm and Konstants glorified by the magnificent cathedral structures executed in Gothic style were stretched. In Bavaria you will be struck by abundance of natural, cultural, architectural, and also folklore sights, and in Munich – openness, warm-heartedness and elegance of the city. Judges of medieval architecture will appreciate such original cities as Passau, Regensburg and Nuremberg.

In spite of the fact that rest in resorts of surprising Germany is associated, first of all, with visit of locks, magnificent palaces and the medieval cities which have remained up to now, it is necessary to tell also about the excellent ski resorts stretched in the German Alps. Fans of active unforgettable recreation have chosen the ski German resorts which are characterized by perfectly prepared ski slopes of any complexity, a charm of snow tops, scintillating snow and untried hitherto novelty of feelings long ago. If to add perfectly developed infrastructure, modern comfortable hotels, the purest ecology and surprisingly beautiful nature to all above-mentioned, then it becomes clear why the resorts of Germany enjoy invariable popularity at mountain skiers of the whole world.


Germany provides to the guests all options of placement, from the budgetary hotels with breakfasts, to luxurious hotels 5*. The rating of hotels on stardom is formed independently therefore it is considered reliable. The prices vary depending on the city, the most expensive – Munich, Frankfurt. One of the most known magnificent hotels is in Berlin – Adlon 5*. Onda from the most economic, but enough qualitative is considered a chain of Ibis or Motel One which are available in the majority of the cities.


Not so important at restaurant, cafe or snackbar, in Germany you will meet good traditions of local cuisine everywhere. In German cuisine in big honor meat dishes which give with stewed vegetables, rice or bean. Various sausages, sausages, sausages, and the well-known Bavarian white sausages, as a rule, them are very popular use as snack. Germans surely finish a meal with a tasty dessert – cakes, a pudding, jelly, cakes with berry stuffings. The main German drink, of course, is beer, and the State of Bavaria – real paradise for fans of frothy beverage where, actually and there takes place one of the best-known festivals of Oktoberfest beer.


Fans to make purchases will be glad to appear in Germany, qualitative goods of local producers cost not much, here it is possible to buy clothes, footwear, objects for the house. From souvenirs and gifts tourists take away home honey, marzipan sweets, beer glasses and drink.

Precautionary measures

Germany is very safe country, crime rate low, and laws are strictly observed. In comparison with the majority of the countries, violent crimes happen seldom. Pickpockets in the large cities therefore it is worth taking simple security measures can be the only problem and everything will be as it should be.

We hope to you article was pleasant. Thanks for attention.

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