Greenland – Island of Vikings.

Greenland - Island of Vikings

Greenland — the largest island on Earth, belongs to Denmark and Greenland enters her autonomous unit.


The Greenland settlements don’t differ in populousness, and their inhabitants who have chosen to themselves such occupation as hunting and tourism have got used to live in small cozy lodges of combined type. However, this habit there are not really many years as radical housing of grenlandets, a dugout, has only hardly disappeared.

The tourist by all means will estimate ski tour technology as Greenland is unique the fact that in her territory it is easy to draw a set of suitable routes, unusual to this hybrid sports occupation. Vividly also such modern occupation among thrill-seekers as ice climbing looks in local places. The main thing for the tourist who has set for himself the task to seize this modern sports art is not to become puzzled and not to be lost in that abundance of ice and snow which the bast basket of northern Greenland is full.

General information

Greenland occupies the territory of 2 130 800 Population makes 57 600 people. Official language – Greenland. Currency – Danish krone. 100 DKK = $14.61. The time zone of UTC-2, local time lags behind from Moscow for 5 hours.

Short digression to history

First who has got acquainted with Greenland face to face were ancient “Canadians”. Then the relay has passed to Vikings, and from them through the tenth hands – to supporters of extreme sports. Thanks to the last cohort of pioneers Greenland has got acquainted with such concept as “tourist peak of a season”.


In the west of Greenland the softest climate, temperature in January of-7.-10 degrees, in the summer about +21 degrees. The coldest region – east coast when in January temperature sticks to about-27 degrees. Many rainfall drops out on the southwest coast, fogs are frequent in the summer.


Between the cities of Greenland there are no highways and railway transport, it is possible to get over only on water or air. On short distances move on dogsleds or the snow auto.

Most interesting

Greenland – the country of contrasts. If you carry yourself to tourists of “winter type”, then and in cards it isn’t necessary to look with confidence to declare that your classical tourist time on the Greenland pages is by all means April. In August to Greenland it is flown down quieter and creative people, photographers and artists of all colors. Their efforts we can see on the Internet – Greenland with her declines and dawn, bright summer katerka and windless bays.

The most beautiful show which can be observed in Greenland is polar lights which in this point of the planet the most picturesque and colorful.

It is possible to see in Greenland the most beautiful Icebergs and Glaciers, to observe animal life under natural conditions. Foot walks can be made in any places of the island, there are no restrictions for a private property.

If a skiing on ice and in ices you don’t carry away you, then it is possible to try the forces in such ethnic entertainment as dogsleds and the driving interfaced to them. The combination theory from dogsleds and skis which has included in the structure such elements of northern snow romanticism as a kerosene stove, tents and delight from a type of the polar lights is that exotic sports set of the tourist who waits for you on the Greenland severe, but hospitable earth.

As people feverishly mastered Greenland, Greenland slowly, but surely sprouted, received by experience of the knowledge and abilities, to the world surrounding it. We have also not noticed how the Greenland concepts “needle” have got accustomed in life, “anorak” and “kayak”, and the Eskimo way of production of high-speed boats has no competitors equal to, and it is recognized by all world athletes. The only thing to that foreign tourists, it attach significance a little to that psychological weak point which forces the local hunter to frown at the mention of the word “Eskimo”. As ignorance as it is well-known, doesn’t exempt from liability, be not too lazy to enrich the memory with the fact that the translation of the word “Eskimo” doesn’t bear in itself any special romanticism, and therefore the local population is inclined to perceive such address to them in bayonets. The most beautiful girls here


Most hotels of the country is located in the capital of Nuuk, and also in Ilulissat and Tasiilak. In many cities of hotels isn’t present at all. Categories of hotels correspond to the European level, the prices quite high.


National dishes differ in simplicity and lack of heat treatment which can be tried at local restaurants. Also in the menu of restaurants there are habitual dishes of the international kitchen. Fish and seafood dishes which are presented in all forms – crude, baked, salty, dried and fermented are very widespread.


In Greenland it is possible to buy original souvenirs which are made here in the country, but aren’t brought from China therefore the work of art and national trade cost quite much. It is possible to buy elements of a national suit, mask, a picture, ornament and costume jewelry.

Precautionary measures

It is safe to travel around Greenland, there are practically no thefts, and also there is no risk of natural disasters. If departure out of borders of the cities is planned, warm equipment is necessary, it is better to employ the conductor.

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