Haiti – Paradise on the earth!

Haiti - Paradise on the earth

We will tell you interesting facts about Haiti in this article.

Haiti – the second island in size after Cuba from all that are located in the Caribbean Sea and its vicinities. Neighbors of Haiti – Cuba and the Lesser Antilles and adjacent to them – Tortyu, Gonav, yours and others. In the western part of the island the republic with the name of the same name, and in the east – Dominican Republic was located. In the north the territory adjoins the Atlantic Ocean, and in the south is washed by the Caribbean Sea.

Our purpose – the republic of Haiti which occupies slightly more than a third of all island. An official state language French is considered here. But among inhabitants only 10% own him. What it speaks about? And says it that times of the colonial empire have passed, and now in the country the so-called Creole language caused by mixture of natives of the most different countries, generally African and Central American is very widespread. And the beautiful island of Haiti can itself now – without others help – to please tourists with the magnificence and originality.


The tropical climate with trade winds doesn’t influence the average annual air temperature which keeps within 25 degrees of heat. So safely book rooms in hotels then completely to be given to the sun, air and water.

Haiti once was the French colony, but the love of locals to the earth has helped them to win independence 1804. Haiti by right can by the right brag of the history. The Haitians consider the most important advantage of the island the fact that it has been opened by Columbus during the very first travel, but not Cuba or Puerto Rico. However, Columbus called this island of Hispaniola, but the black slaves who subsequently have gained independence called him as he was called by the Indians exterminated by greedy and cruel Spaniards – Haiti that means “mountainous”. However, the main mountainous massif with tops to 3000 meters is in the neighboring Dominican Republic, but, nevertheless, and on the republic of Haiti something in this plan has fallen intermittently. Peak under the name La-Sel has 2674 meters in height that not so it isn’t enough in comparison with Duarte’s peak, settled down in the neighboring republic (3087 meters).

So, the pre-Columbian era of the country interests scientists very little though they also have found out that aboriginals of the American continent opened by Europeans – Indians – lived with prehistoric times here, however no achievements in the cultural plan at them were observed. The Spaniards who have taken control in the middle of the millennium of it sharp have tried to force local Indians to work at plantations, but those preferred to die, than to become slaves. Thus, Indians from the island have disappeared, and their place was taken by black Africans whom Spaniards have begun to import to Haiti from the neighboring continent (Africa).

Nearly two centuries Spaniards retained the island, but in 1677 French have won the western part of Haiti from Spaniards and were approved there more than for century, being engaged, however, in the same, than and Spaniards – import of the African slaves and cultivation of a sugar cane and coffee. The next war of France with Great Britain which Spain has joined has once burst, and under this pretext French have taken also the Spanish part of Haiti. However they kept the island not for long – one of revolts of slaves was successful (it was promoted much by success of revolution in France), and French had to get out from the island forever. However, Spaniards haven’t become puzzled and have returned themselves the territory, however and they soon had to retire, and also forever. At that time from under the Spanish colonial oppression practically all American countries except for Cuba and therefore loss of Haiti was unsurprising have got rid. The Spanish part of the island was quickly taken by troops of the republic of Haiti, and the whole 20 years on him there was only one state. However by then mulattos and Blacks didn’t wish to live among themselves in friendship, and the broken-out anti-Haitian revolt was resulted by hispanic Dominican Republic.

However, the speech at us not about Dominicans, and about the Haitians. The main sights characteristic of Haiti are national parks. And there is a lot of those: the park Faure De Ping who is near Dominican Republic;  located in the western part of the island; La Vizit famous for the caves from limestone and rainforests; La Tsitadel located in the center of mountain congestions under the name Du Nor and also beaches and numerous resort areas on all coast. Visit Paradise with beautiful girl


The nature of Haiti is peculiar and unique. More than 600 types of a fern and 300 types of orchids, a set of types of cactuses and more than 25 breeds of birds – all this is characteristic of this area and meets only here. It isn’t surprising that many bird species prefer local places for the wintering. And those who as a wintering prefers the beach can advise areas to the North from Port-au-Prince and North traps from Keyp-Haitiyen. Having armed with necessary equipment for scuba diving it is possible to survey with great interest the coast surrounded with coral reeves against which the set of the vessels hauling onboard freights to France, Holland and Spain during the whole more than three hundred years of colonial dependence has crashed.

At the coast of the island to La Gonava the rocky wall covered with a black coral as if a carpet bewitches the greatness. In a southeast part of the area, in several kilometers from Port-au-Prince, there is a city of Petionvill which was located on local hills. Here other life boils absolutely. Of course it is not Las Vegas, but the local elite finds for itself all necessary here to spend free time. For the country, only recently as a result of active carrying out progressive reforms left general poverty, this the most silent, the town blown by sea winds where it is possible to have a rest with a family during a week-end. At the same time, the shops sparkling light illumination, restaurants and clubs remind all inhabitants and tourists that on the island everything is quiet. Probably, it something is similar to the Russian holiday of a victory. People rejoice when they to them well and long when it is sad, but there are no negative memories of the past.

Fine examples of art of the Haitians are presented in numerous art galleries and quite successfully are in demand among tourists. And the French cuisine which long ago has got general love by right are considered as the best in the country.

It should be noted the well-known old coffee port of Zhakmel. In last times it was considered a jewelry of all southern coast where the French architects found will of the imagination. Now it is many kilometers beaches as a part of which sand the well-known black sand characteristic only of this area lies. These beaches attract tourists from all over the world long ago.

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