Hong Kong – fragrant harbor.

Hong Kong - fragrant harbor

We will tell you interesting facts about Hong Kong in this article.

Hong Kong – the modern pulsing city, a striking example of an Asian economic miracle of the XX century. Hong Kong is a financial and trade capital of the Asian region. The most part of commodity turnover of China passes through the exchanges and the ports of Hong Kong. Annually here hundreds of exhibitions of goods and services of different branches of economy are held. The most part of the territory of the city (40%) is occupied with parks, the woods and beaches. The name “Hong Kong” in translation from Cantonese literally is meant by the “fragrant harbor”.


Hong Kong treats the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, and is constructed on the basis of self-government, reserving control over the legislation, monetary system, constabulary forces, duties and immigration policy, also keeping representation in the international organizations. Hong Kong is divided into such parts: the island Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, besides belongs to Hong Kong more than 260 islands most of which part are uninhabited.

General information

Hong Kong is located in East Asia, on the bank of the South China Sea, from the North borders on the Chinese province of Guangdong. The total area of the territory occupied by Hong Kong makes 1104 sq.km. The number of local population makes 7 million people, on ethnic structure of 95% – Chinese. The main languages of Hong Kong are English and several versions Chinese, generally Cantonese and a putunkhua. National currency – Hong Kong dollar (HKD). 100 HKD = $12.88. Local time advances Moscow for 5 hours. Time zone of UTC+8. Mains voltage is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, types of D, G, M sockets. Telephone code of the country +852. .hk Internet domain.

Short digression to history

Hong Kong exists thousands of years, but historically date his emergence the middle of century before last when partners Great Britain and China have reached a deadlock concerning a payment for silk and tea. The Chinese side wanted to receive a payment for these goods only silver. To keep the money, British have revealed the goods bought by Chinese secretly and smoothly – the Indian opium. As a result of opium wars in the middle of the XIX century the Area of Hong Kong has been transferred to the British kingdom. In 1898 to British on a leasehold basis for 99 years, i.e. till 1997, the continental part of the land which is called today by New territories has departed. The British occupation remained more than one and a half centuries and has exerted huge impact on tenor of life of local population. Since 1997 Hong Kong – again the territory of People’s Republic of China.


In Hong Kong mainly tropical monsoonal climate of which the cool dry winter and damp hot summer is characteristic. Seasons are accurately expressed. In the spring here it is rather damp and is warm, and in the fall – it is dry and solar that is connected with the different direction of wind characteristic of every season. The adverse period for a travel to Hong Kong is the summer season from May to September – time of typhoons and rains. The best time for a travel to Hong Kong – fall, air temperature +18. +28 degrees, are rather comfortable in the winter too, but it is necessary to take warm clothes – a coat or a jacket.

Most interesting

The peak Victoria, Maunt-Austin, also known under the name, settles down in the western part of the island Hong Kong, being his symbol and the highest point from where the amazing view of the city and vicinities adjoining to him opens. One of the most visited observation decks of peak Victoria is placed in the territory of a tower of Peak Tower reminding the Chinese frying pan in the external form. For convenience of visitors the telescopes allowing to consider in details the most remote points of the city are equipped here. Besides an admiring landscapes, it is possible to sit in cafe here, having tested ethnic Chinese cuisine, or to do some shopping in search of gifts and souvenirs.

The Disneyland located on the island Lantau is one of five official world parks of Walt Disney and the youngest of them. One of features of the Hong Kong Disneyland is that, despite the American prototype, in him Asian lines are accurately traced. So, for example, some characters of the famous animated films sing in Chinese, landscaping is created according to traditions Feng shui, and in local cafes and restaurants ethnic Chinese cuisine prevails. Visit disneyland with pretty girl

One of sign sights of Hong Kong, Big Buddha – the huge bronze statue towering on the island Lantau, at Teytkhaan Square near the monastery According to Lin is. Directly at the foot of the hill at which top Buddha’s figure is seen the thematic village Ngong Ping (Ngong Ping) with trade shops, shops, cafe and restaurants where it is possible to get memorable souvenirs is located and to eat cheap.

Nearly the main tourist attraction in Hong Kong is the ropeway of Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. She connects the city to the island Lantau, at this Ngong Ping, means the name of the tourist village located at Big Buddha’s bottom on the place of arrival. The circular review by all 360 degrees, guarantees to passengers beautiful views from a cabin window on the way to the island.

Ocean Park is on the mountainous peninsula, in the southern part of Hong Kong, representing the surprising amusement park located at two levels which can be compared to many famous analogs of the world. The total area of Ocean Park contains the area more than 870 thousand sq.m. Besides the Oceanarium, with a set of the sea individuals collected from all corners of the planet and Polar Adventure such thematic zones as “The village of ancient constructions”, “A kingdom of birds”, for fans of exotic birds, “A garden of wild plants and animals”, “Amusement park”, Aquapark and Toy Store enter it.

Because of shortage of lands construction in Hong Kong is conducted only up for a long time. For convenience of movement pedestrian bridges are around the city built. Among modern glass skyscrapers there are so modern futuristic statues. These are not dragons and turtles, as in continental China any more, and the bizzare shapes representing old symbols. Nevertheless, all buildings in Hong Kong are built according to the ancient doctrine feng shui. Fountains and falls, the correct arrangement of entrance doors and symbolical statues – all in order that indicators of the stock market grew and financial streams moved in a right direction.

As a symbol of the Pearl of an Asian economic miracle – the most expensive and magnificent hotel of Peninsul. Guests from the airport are welcomed only on Rolls-Royces. If not such transfer pleases someone, for 1500 dollars it can land by helicopter directly on a roof of hotel. The price for number can reach 10 000 dollars a day here. To stop at least once in Peninsule – a question of prestige for the successful businessman.

It is possible to plunge into other way of life of Hong Kong, for example, having visited the Market of songbirds. Bramblings, parrots, nightingales, sparrows, canaries are very popular with local population. Cages with feathery singers can be met in many houses or in the yards. Goldfishes aren’t less popular. It is considered that goldfishes care for happiness and welfare in the house. Therefore many buyers also daily come to the Market of goldfishes.

In the area Aberdeen that in the southern part of the island Hong Kong, it is possible to see life of simple fishermen who live directly on water – in junks, the house on the land for them – unattainable luxury. This place is well-known for seafood which can be tasted at local floating restaurants or to get in the specialized Giant shop.

The earth in Hong Kong expensive, and water space is used very actively. The water area around Hong Kong is not only trade ports and piers for expensive yachts which here great variety. It and numerous junks in which restaurants, entertaining institutions, boats and ferries for excursions and transportation of passengers along routes of local value are located. Meet your soul mate in Honk Kong


Hong Kong offers the huge choice of types of placement, from cheap options, to luxury hotels. Most hotels is located in places near stops of the public transport providing communication with sights. The budgetary hotels can be found in the area of Nathan Road, between Qim Sha Cui and Mong Kok, and also in Kozuey-Bey. Rich travelers, will find hotels in Hong Kong one of the best in the world where it will offer the highest service – a transfer by helicopter, star restaurant of Michelin both extravagant to SPA and other possible conveniences on any whim. One of the most magnificent hotels of Hong Kong – The Peninsula, Four Seasons, Le Meridien, W, InterContinental, JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental, cost for number begins from $3000.


Hong Kong by right is considered one of the culinary capitals of the world, here it is possible to find restaurant of any kitchen of the world, and also to try the best Chinese cuisine. Hong Kongers like to eat and are famous as one of the most exacting eaters. Seafood gives exclusively fresh and if it is vegetables, then in magnificent registration. On street trays it isn’t recommended to buy food if you aren’t sure of her quality.


Hong Kong – the city of multimillion transactions and small purchases. In the local market it is possible to get very similar fake, or as Chinese speak, the copy of any product from a collection of solid western brands. Known Ledi’s a market – paradise for shopaholics. Each fake, not strongly conceding in quality, favourably differs in the price from the original. And though producers of such copies break all laws on copyright and licenses have to be deprived, these goods skupatsya actively by city visitors and locals. The passion to shopping doesn’t pass also with nightfall. Some shops work 24 hours, shopping centers are usually closed in 21:00-22:00, and the markets work to 22:00-23:00. Bars, restaurants, entertaining institutions are invited the shining signs. Night life of Hong Kong saturated and active. The streets lit with bright illumination remain brisk and in night-time.

Precautionary measures

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in Asia and in the world in general. Nevertheless, pocket thefts aren’t a rarity, especially in places of the raised congestion of people. Also you shouldn’t come across possible traps when foreigners are enticed huge discounts and force something to buy.

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