Hospitable Georgia.

Hospitable Georgia

We will tell you interesting facts about Georgia in this article.

Georgia is a mood. These are hospitable unselfish people. It is the country of ancient traditions, improbable beauty of mountains and lakes. If you love adventures, color if you a gourmet – go to Georgia. Georgia is a fine combination of the various nature: subtropics, sea, mountains and woods. If you are interested in mountains, it is worth visiting Svaneti. If you a gourmet and the fan of traditions, appreciate refined Georgian wine – to you to Kakheti. When you like the sea, palm trees and exotic more – go to Adjara. In Georgia there is everything and for all. Pretty girl will tavel with you

General information

The state of Georgia of a gergraficheska is located in the Western Asia in the territory of 69,7 thousand sq.km. Inclusion of Georgia in the list of the countries of Europe is based first of all on political, economic and cultural reasons and isn’t unambiguous. Population makes 4,5 million people. A state language – Georgian which is to the family for more than 80% of the population. National currency – lari (GEL). 100 GEL = $43.03. Money can be exchanged in banks, but it is necessary to have with itself the passport. Time advances in Georgia Moscow for 1 hour. Time zone of UTC+4. Mains voltage is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz, type of sockets C. Telephone code of the country +995. .ge Internet domain.

Short digression to history

In the territory of Georgia remains of the died-out subspecies of Homo erectus which lived 1,8-1,6 million years here BC, but weren’t an ancestor of the modern person have been found. The first state educations Colchis and Diaokhi in the territory of Georgia have been created in the 12-8th century BC. Dawn of Georgia is necessary for the beginning of XI before the beginning of the 13th centuries which is called “Golden Age”, and the state has reached the greatest greatness at the time of government of the queen Tamara. After Georgia Mongols, Persians, Turks took that has entailed disintegration of a kingdom on certain principalities. The Georgian democratic Republic has been formed in 1918, but in February, 1921 was liquidated by Red army. The Supreme Council of Georgia has adopted the declaration of independence in 1991.


In Georgia transitional climate from subtropical to moderate. On the coast of the Black Sea damp and hot summer and soft winter, average temperature of July +25. +27 degrees, in the winter about +5 degrees. In mountainous areas of winter cold, stem of thermometer sticks to about-15.-20 degrees. Better to Georgia to go in May-June or in September when not so hot, as at the height of a summer season though in July-August on the Black Sea the heat is softened with a breeze.


Georgia – the highland, more than 80% of the territory occupy mountains, hills and heights, the ploskogorny and platoobrazny relief also meets. The highest point – top Shkhara (5068 m) located in a strip of Greater Caucasus. In a northern part of Georgia the Southern slope of the Big Caucasian ridge lies.

Flora and fauna

Flora is especially various, only flowering plants there are more than 4,5 thousand types, endemic plants grow here (a box, a cherry laurel, rhododendrons, a persimmon, etc.). Also the fauna of Georgia isn’t less various, large mammals are widespread in ecosystems: bears, wolves, foxes, deer, boars, roes. On the verge of disappearance there is a leopard, and a striped hyena. In coastal waters of the Black Sea coast dolphins meet, seals and other marine mammals, and also fishes are more rare.


To move on a long distance in Georgia, it is possible to use air and railway links. It is also possible to travel by the buses or share taxis plying practically between all settlements of Georgia. In Tbilisi there is a subway, it is a lot of taxi, both private, and official.

Most interesting

The capital of Georgia – the city of Tbilisi located among picturesque mountains and steep rocks with the traditions and ancient culture. Surely it is worth visiting the Old City which is at the bottom of mountain top of Mtatsmind, along with a quarter of Abanotubani, it is considered the most ancient district of Tbilisi. The most beautiful landscapes which surround Tbilisi give him special outlines and add paints, and traditional good nature, cheerful nature and hospitality of locals, in combination with richness of culture and fidelity to traditions, do the capital of Georgia even more interestingly and more attractively. Near Tbilisi there is Chateau Zegaani – the wine-making estate built in 1820 by the prince Alexander Chavchavadze where it is possible to go on an excursion.

Main tourist resort of the country – Batumi which was located on coast of the Black Sea and being the capital of solar Adjara. In the territory of the resort there is a set of historical monuments and constructions which became cultural property of all Georgia long ago. Tourist infrastructure of Batumi develops rough rates in recent years. Beaches of Batumi and its vicinities differ in a high mineralization of water and stability of temperature within a year.

One of the most ancient settlements of Georgia – the small city of Mtskheta, is in the beauty spot, among the Green Mountains and ancient temples. It is difficult to overestimate historical and cultural value of the city for the Georgian state. In total in couple of kilometers from Mtskheta there is unique excavation of the ancient city of Armazi which was the capital of the Ibersky kingdom existing here in the 4-3rd centuries B.C.

The history of the gorge of Borjomi is closely connected with sources of mineral water which was used in the 1st century for acceptance of bathtubs. The resort is famous for the nature, fantastic on beauty, and curative climate, but imennomineralny water has made this place world-famous.

Surprisingly beautiful country of Georgia with the rich historical past, numerous monuments of architecture, original culture and the most tasty kitchen who should be visited at least once. The sea coast and a flat zone pass into the forests of the mountain Caucasus rich with various mineral sources.


For those who appreciate comfort in Georgia there are many hotels – both in Tbilisi, and on the Black Sea coast, in Batumi. And, the category of stardom of hotels conforms to the international standards, service European. For economical there are hostels, days of accommodation in which will cost 25-50 lari. Adventurers can’t worry about housing at all: Georgians are so hospitable that you will never spend the night on the street.


Georgian cuisine is one of the most ancient. Traditional Georgian dishes in big honor not only in Russia, but also for rubezhy. The well-known khachapuri (Adzharian khachapuri – it is perfect another), khinkali, various meat dishes. And wine of all types and for every taste, in a big variety and is inexpensive. For the Georgian it is sacred drink therefore we don’t advise to refuse if the Georgian treats with wine – he can apprehend it for an insult. Besides, in it and all danger: the Georgian has only begun to enjoy, and the guest already under a table. Though domestic wines mainly table, not strong. The Georgian who respects himself never buys wine in shop. Don’t forget to taste the Georgian most tasty lemonades (an estragon, cream-soda) and the well-known Borjomi water, they are known far outside Georgia, taste – as in the childhood.


From souvenirs it is worth bringing wine, papakhas which sell continually, souvenir knives, jewelry, spices, traditional sweets. It is better not to buy them in Batumi – too expensive, in Tbilisi the prices are much lower.

Precautionary measures

One of many advantages to the tourist is that the country now promptly develops, almost in each village there are info centers where you will be given free of charge the district map, the catalog with pictures, will explain, will show, also will put on the bus. English in such centers is known better, than Russian. Besides, function of kind “fairies” is performed by the Georgian police officers about whom legends already go: they can keep watch over things, show the way, give money for the subway, are always very polite and don’t take bribes. There is no GAI, there is only a police patrol, however don’t advise to hire a car: are expensive though fine, however Georgians are “hot” drivers, and for ordinary people mountain serpentines not the best place for test of destiny. It is better for girl not to travel one: there will be special attention from men though everything solves behavior of the girl, but not the strength of the man, Georgians respect others desires. The fact that these people hate Russians – the myth because actually Georgians are tolerant. It is necessary to remember that if the Georgian calls you the guest, treats (it is impossible to refuse!), never try to return him money – it is equivalent to offense. If the Georgian swears (usually it sounds as “the father I swear!”), this oath – really a measure of all truths.

We hope to you article was pleasant. Thanks for attention.

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